The best way to protect yourself

Safety is the first thing to think about.  Therefore, today we will talk about this in more detail.


In order to fully protect themselves, Many use various types of weapons, which we will talk about today.  And you can learn more about such devices at


Short, long, automatic, semi-automatic, manual, military, police or sports, smooth or rifled, lethal or non-lethal... The variety of weapons is limitless, almost as much as the tastes and needs of shooters.


In this section you will be able to find the most complete database with all the information, characteristics, features and history of the most popular and famous weapon models in the world in terms of their characteristics, importance in the weapons industry.


Machine guns

Machine guns, designed to continuously fire a large amount of ammunition in a short period of time due to their automatic mechanism, are undoubtedly one of the weapons with the greatest destructive potential in recent times.  Their huge potential is compensated by their huge weight and dimensions, moreover, they must be mounted and used on a static support.


Shotguns are firearms designed to fire multiple projectiles or bullets contained in a cartridge in a single shot.  Due to the large number of bullets ejected with each shot, they provide an easy hit on the target, and at short distances they are extremely effective.


Its use especially extends to small game shooters, although with the other single round ammunition variant it can also be used in big game, police or military applications.


A rifle is a long-barreled firearm that has a rifled barrel, that is, with the inside of the barrel grooved in a helical pattern to ensure that the projectile does not destabilize when fired and resists the possible force of a side wind.

Sniper rifles


A sniper rifle is a firearm designed to provide high accuracy over long distances thanks to a scope and special ammunition.  Its use extends primarily to the police and the military.


As a rule, not all types of weapons are suitable for home use.  Before that, you need to carefully study what is allowed to keep at home in your country.  And then only buy a way to protect.  And do not forget that this requires a special license. So now you know everything about guns.